Ancient Aliens and Time Travel

As we know that if someone could travel faster than the speed of light then theoretically someone could travel in time. The Time Travel is the incredible experience we wish to have. Apart from these technologies we find many phenomena of time traveling in our incredible history.

Well, millions of the people around the world believe that the earth has been visited in the past by some extraterrestrial beings. We don’t know what is true but maybe one day we will find the answer. We find may events that indicate that this alien using time travel technology. May be it is possible that the alien being and UFOs which we think out of this world are maybe evidence of man’s future technological achievements and they are our own people in future.

The Kalachakra

In the Buddhist tradition, there is the notion of Samsara or the wheel of time. In the Kalachakra initiation the teaching is to understand time, particularly biological time, calendar time and astrological time, and how those things actually influence. The discipline of Kalachakra is telling us that where we seem to see time as linear, this is not the case, that time is somehow cyclical, and that we can somehow master this and control time. Actually the Kalachakra teaching gives individuals actual practices and techniques to be able to step outside of time, and to be able to move in time. Might the early teaching of the Kalachakra be evidence that ancient Tibetan Buddhist monks had knowledge of time travel thousands of years ago?


We find many events in ancient past which suggest that the ancestors experienced the time travel. Here are some of them. Even in the bible there is a story of time travel.

Time Travel in Ancient History

Mahabharata is one of the two major Sanskrit epics of ancient India. It is an epic narrative of the Kurukshetra War and the fates of the Kaurava and the Pandava princes. It also contains philosophical and devotional material, such as a discussion of the four “goals of life” or purusharthas. In this sacred Indian text, written in the eight century BC, king Ravaita is described as traveling to the heavens to meet with the creator god Brahma, only to return to Earth hundreds of years in the future. Some researchers believe this Hindu tale may be one of the oldest successful time travels in the ancient past. Well in if we take a look this story in current scenario same this is a kind of thing that would happen to space travelers and in time travel, as well. You think you are gone for only few days, but when you return to Earth, you find out that you have been gone for hundreds of years.

There is another story of time traveling in history of Japan. The legend of Urashima Taro details a fisherman’s visit to the protector god of the sea Ryujin in an underwater palace for what seemed like only three days. And when he returns to his fishing village, he finds that it’s been 300 years that he’s been gone. And his house is in ruins everybody he knows is long dead, no one remembers him or his family.

In the Hebrew Bible, descriptions of the prophet Jeremiah in Jerusalem are eerily similar to both of this account time travel. In the Bible, the prophet Jeremiah was sitting together a few of his friends, and there was a young boy. His name was Abemolik. And Jeremiah said to this boy “Go out of Jerusalem, there is a hill and collect some figs for us.” The boy went out and collected the fresh figs. All of the sudden, he hears some noise and wind in the air, and he became unconscious, he had blackout. After some time he wakes up again, and he saw it was nearly evening. So when he runs back to the society and the city was full of strange soldiers. And he says, “What is going on here? Where is Jeremiah and all the others?”  And an old man come out and said, “That was 62 years ago.” It’s a time travel story written in the Bible.

worm hole

Warm Hole

Einstein’s theory of relativity allowed for something called the Einstein-Rosen Bridge, which is what we today call a wormhole. It opened up the possibility that we can travel from point A on Earth to point B somewhere in the universe as if there nothing in between. If the possibility exists to travel instantly from one place to another through wormholes, might there be evidence that technology was used in the ancient past? At this stage we had a story of ancient Egyptians. The ancient Egyptians knew about star gate and wormhole travel. The evidence found at the temple of Hathor at Dandera. At the entrance of the temple, you found a huge ceiling named astronomical ceiling. On this ceiling you can see gods ascended light beings traveling on their ships of eternity. And this suggests that the ancients didn’t use the term “wormhole” for these time travel portals, but were clearly talking about the same thing.


Is it possible as ancient astronaut theorists believe, that advanced celestial beings traveled in time through wormholes on their way to Earth? Or might they have possessed an even more advanced time travel technology, perhaps based on the complex science of quantum physics? According to Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity space and time are one. On one hand we have Einstein’s relativity theory and in other we have many supernatural events. The historical events prove that the ancestors experienced of time travel.

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