Android N’s First Screenshot Leaked; Shows New Navigation Drawer

Google is expected to announce successor of Marshmallow Android 7.0 or Android N at its I/O event in May this year. Details about the latest Android version are sketchy thus far, but it is most likely to focus on improving security, multitasking and user experience. New leaked screenshots though give a preview of Android N, revealing a hamburger-style menu button.

So this unofficial look at the new operating system leaked screenshots reveal a new navigation drawer that allows users to easily navigate between the sections.Google won’t reveal Android 7.0 for a few more months, but we’re already getting a first.The leaked screenshot reveals one possible change coming with the “N” update.

The company previously hinted that it’s working on official split-screen support for Android 7.0 it is limited to tablets or available for all devices.The images show Android N’s settings menu, specifically the page for Bluetooth controls. Everything looks pretty standard, but in the top right corner we see a hamburger-style menu button. More recently, reports surfaced that the N update could kill off the App Drawer in an effort to simplify the software..As for the official dessert-themed name, that’s still a mystery as well. Last year Google CEO Sundar Pichai hinted that the company might use an online poll to pick a final name for Android 7.0.


We should be getting our first official look at Android 7.0 in May at Google I/O 2016, the official name typically isn’t announced until later in the year when the update actually rolls out, however.It’s notable the button is not available in current Marshmallow version of the Android. Even though it is not very clear what the new button actually does, the publication speculates it will allow users to open the side drawer. It will feature all the settings sections at one place, making it easier to jump between the sections without going back to the main screen. This suggest Google’s next Android N update will extensively focus on optimizing user experience.

Back in December 2015, company had confirmed that the Android-N will add support for split-screen multitasking, which will enable users run two different apps running side by side. The feature will be very similar to the multitasking feature in Apple’s iOS 9.

The new OS flavour is likely to be unveiled at Google I/O be held on May 18-20 and the OS should start shipping with Nexus devices later this year.In the past Samsung has hinted at native stylus support in Android N and some reports also claim that Google may let go the app drawer in the coming iteration. This isn’t surprising as many vendors have opted for a drawer-less design.


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