Astral Projections: A Wizard’s Ability

Astral Projection Or Sleep Paralysis

Are you familiar with the concept of astral projection? Have you heard stories about people being able to leave their physical bodies and transcend into an astral state? This topic is so controversial, there are astral projection stories popping all over the internet everyday.

While astral projection has become a more common incident than before, the fact still remains that no two individuals have the same astral projection experience. Here are five of the most common features that almost all astral projections stories share.


A person sees himself from a different point of view

One of the most common astral projection experiences is seeing the person’s physical body from someone else’s shoes. For example, a pianist who claimed to have astral traveled saw himself playing in a church concert while he was sitting in the audience. Another storyteller shared that when he was undergoing a leg operation when he was six years old he saw his own body under the hands of the surgeons while he was watching from the side of the bed.

Experts say that this is a typical form of astral projection, the point where the physical and the astral mind separate from each other.


Doing things the physical body can’t

Most astral projection stories have parts where the person doing the astral travel do things impossible for the physical body to do, such as walking through doors or walls. Blind people in real life have reported being able to see vividly in the astral plane.



People who believed to have astral traveled recall a feeling of weightlessness and because of which, they often find themselves “flying” or hovering above their own physical bodies. In one story, the person actually thought of himself as “light and vaporous” floating above his physical body which at that time was in deep sleep.


astral travel


Go to places you never thought existed.

Perhaps one of the most exciting experiences about being able to astral travel is going to places you haven’t been before. Some astral projection stories are about individuals who were able to travel new places in the astral state. Sometimes, this explains for the feeling of déjà vu when the person actually arrives at the place in physical form.


Meeting dead people.

Wanting to meet friends and family who are long dead is the primary reason why a lot of people want to try astral projection. In many astral projection stories, there have been instances where people meet their relatives or family members who have long passed.

If you are the adventurous type, perhaps you should give astral projection a try. Remember, all you need to do is to open your mind and absorb to all the sights and sensations that come your way. After reading all the astral projection stories, you will realize that astral projection is indeed a unique and exciting experience that you shouldn’t miss.


Examples of Astral Projection

the example of astral projection may found in many situations. Here are some example of Astral Projection. Think that you are seated on the chair and you think you are going to get up from that chair and go to the street, however the person do not act, it is clear that the person will remain seated on that chair; so, action is what is needed..!

The another example of astral projection is when a person leave his/her house to go to the office and soon return from the office to house, did the person completely remember that the what he/she saw in office and the commands of boss? Every one can find Astral projection in everywhere. Just the difference is that the how person see the difference situation. Even in Hinduism Astral Projection find from thousands of years ago.


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