Atomic Energy Produced

Atomic energy is obtained from the atom. Every atom has in it particles of energy. Energy holds the parts of an atom together. When the atom is split. This energy comes out.

We can obtain energy from an atom in two ways: through fusion and fusion. When one single atom is made out of two atoms it is called ‘fusion’. Fusion releases a great amount of heat.

Physical Proton Proton Chain

Physical Proton Proton Chain

When one atom is split into two, it is called “fusion”. This is done by hitting atoms with neutrons. A neutron is a particle in an atom. It is difficult to split most of the atoms. But uranium and plutonium atoms can be split under proper conditions. When   uranium 235 is hit with a neutron, it breaks into two fragments. One kilogram of u-235 gives energy which is 10, 00,000 times of energy as obtained by burning one kilogram of coal. A small piece of uranium could run a generator, a heavy train, a steamer or even or jet-plane. Atomic energy is the chief source of energy today, and it will be so in future, too.


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