Black Holes and Galactic Cluster Combine into a giant Cosmic Particle Accelerator

Researchers have found out what happens when matter ejected by a giant black hole is swept up in the merger of two enormous galaxy clusters. Two of the most powerful phenomena in the Universe, a supermassive black hole, and the collision of giant galaxy clusters, have combined to create a stupendous cosmic particle accelerator.

Over 2 billion of light years away, 2 clusters of galaxies are colliding in an intergalactic pileup. When a black hole come in contact with the gas inside of the collision, the mass turned into an enormous particle launcher.

As you can see in image below the blue section shows X-ray emission from colliding galactic clusters. This cosmic double whammy is found in a pair of colliding galaxy clusters called Abell 3411 and Abell 3412. The two clusters are both very massive, each weighing about a quadrillion (a million billion) times the mass of the Sun. The fuzz shows hot gas that fills each cluster, and the collision causes particles to travel faster than the gas traveling at the speed of sound —already much higher than the speed of sound on Earth because of its high heat. This creates shock waves, kind of like the ones that come off fighter jets.


The red section of the image is taken by Giant Metrewave Radio Telescope array in India. The red section shows the radio wave emissions from the supermassive black holes at the center of galaxies. When the black holes and the hot gas interact the shock wave, they’re boosted again as if they passed through one of those foam Hot Wheels turbochargers. The scientists showed the results at the 229th meeting of the American Astronomical Society in Grapevine, TX.

This is the first time when scientist catch the double acceleration. Well of course there no such tool on this planet with scientists can observe the specific what’s actually happening over two billion light years away, but van Weeren is still excited about how new technology will soon allow astronomers to better observe these Cosmic Particle Accelerator.

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