Copper Iridate could be the key component for storing Quantum Information

Quantum computing is one of the revolutionizing technology of 21st century. The science behind the amazing feats of quantum physics is just mind boggling. Until last decade it didn’t exist outside of the laboratory. But things are changing. Researcher have begun implement the first large-scale universal quantum computer. But we have a long distance to cover and the path to the destination is not so good.

Meanwhile, researchers from Boston College and Harvard might have resolved one of the key problem. It’s quite impossible to store the quantum information for extended periods of time. But researcher believes that the Copper iridate is the solution for it. Copper iridate might have the atomic geometry required to fulfill this role.


Basically they have created an elusive honeycomb-structured material which is capable of keeping the quantum state of individual atoms from changing or decaying. This honeycomb structured material is crucial to store quantum information long-term. The special geometries never freeze the spin of the electrons which means it reaches the natural tendency of materials which is also known as magnetic frustration.

Fazel Taft further explains “Experimental discoveries take a long time to occur because scientists have to try every possible path allowed by nature, and nature could be very [elusive], … But now that we managed to make one spin liquid, we found the recipe to make more of them. The next step will be to use the same recipe of Copper iridate and apply it to other elements in the periodic table to make more spin liquids.”


This so called Quantum spin liquid not even freeze at the absolute zero temperature. This study has produced a material that could be used in future quantum computers. This is just the tip of the iceberg. This property of Copper iridate might help to maintain the integrity of the qubits, or the individual units of quantum information in future quantum computers.

Source: Futurism

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