Was Einstein Wrong?! A theory suggest that Speed of Light is NOT constant

A theory suggests that speed of light is not constant as it is believed to be but it really is variable (can change) is to be tested soon. What? Really?

Renowned Scientist Albert Einstein said that speed of light remains constant no matter what perspective it is observed by. Many modern theories and laws are based on speed of light remaining constant, such as theory of general relativity.

Many models of physics that explain what happened just after the Big Bang assume that speed of light was constant from the beginning but does that mean that it was?

Joao Magueijio from Imperial College, London, with Niayesh Afshordi at Perimeter Institute at Canada Believe this wasn’t always true. Theory they proposed says that just seconds after the Big Bang the speed of light was not constant but was higher than its current speed.

This theory can be tested using cosmic microwave background. Every thing in the universe for example Galaxies were formed by fluctuations in the early universe. These tiny differences in density between two regions are recorded in the cosmic microwave background. The CMB (Cosmic Microwave Background) is the map of the oldest light in the universe in the form of Spectral Index.

Joao and Niayesh believe that the fluctuations were influenced by the varying speed of light in the beginning of the universe, they have given a exact figure to put in the Spectral Index (an exponential factor relating the flux density of a radio source to its frequency).

The current readings that scientists are getting from the cosmic microwave background is around 0.968 with some margin of error. This figure is close to that given by the researchers which is 0.96478, thus this prediction can be tested soon.

If observations in the near future find this number to be accurate, it could lead to modification of Einstein’s theory of gravity. If the theory is proved to be true that would mean that the laws of nature were not always same as they are today.

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