Esoteric Secret Knowledge: Witchcraft & Sorcery

Witchcraft. What does evoke in your mind? Burning people at the stake? Superstition? Human sacrifice? What’s very, very interesting about witchcraft is although we associate it with our own history. It’s actually been a part of so many cultures and societies around the world. People tend to associate it with very, very dark and evil type of magic. Curses, hexes and spells that harm to people and that inspire fear in people. Historically, this fear has provoked a great many executions of people accused of practicing witchcraft. They have been stoned to death, they have been hanged and they have been burned at the stake. They all are the victim of witchcraft.

Sorcery is the oldest form of magic. And root of sorcery plays with our ignorance and our fear. It harks back to a time when magic wasn’t just a form of entertainment but it was a way of life. At that time when people genuinely believed that its practitioners could perform great miracles like bringing fertility and yielding harvests. But there is also a much darker side of magic one that plays on people’s fear of the unknown.

Most of people think the sorcery is a mixture. It is a mixture of Voodoo and black magic and witchcraft. It is the sort of dark, visceral, slightly dangerous side of magic. One of the mainstays of course, of sorcery is the idea of prophecy and fate.


Difference between black and white magic

There is a big difference between black and with magic. The white magic is just use for the purpose of love. With this magic one cannot hurt subject. In short its good thing. Black Magic which also known as Superior Magic is use to obtain power. And it also cause harm to others.

witchcraft and pentacle


Incredible tools used in witchcraft

The cards. No, no it’s not standard playing cards, but it is tarot cards which used for spirit mediums to read a person’s past, present and as well as future also. Herbs you place in your bathwater and they bring you good luck, they bring you money and they bring you love. Tapa Boca is a mouth curse. It’s a set of lips made out of wax with a small wick. If somebody’s bad mounting you, you light the wick and it stops that person from taking. Despite being associated with dark and harmful magic the traditional of these dolls by Voodoo practitioners is more often for blessings and healings. Voodoo dolls are used to transfer feelings from the doll to person.


The pentacle is a symbol of protection against evil. It is said that the circle contains and protects against evil spirits. And the five point of the star touch the circle represent the spirit, earth, air, water and fire.


Sorcery in Mexico

Where belief is the power of witchcraft and sorcery is still prevalent in modern society. Mexico city with a population of over 20 million is the largest Spanish speaking city in the world. The history of sorcery here in Mexico can be traced back hundreds of years to the Aztecs whose society even contained an elite class known as the Nahualli. These Aztec Nahualli sorcerers were incredibly feared and it’s this crucial role that fear continues to play today in sorcery. And witchcraft that drives it so deep into people’s minds. The enduring appeal of potions and witchcraft lies in the practitioner’s ability to convince their subject that they possess genuine powers.

Of course, a major component of witchcraft is the use of spells and potions. And if you’d like to buy any of these things visit Sonora market (Mercado de Sonora) in Mexico. It is a place right in the center of Mexico City. And amongst the abundance of everybody stalls inside, it contains a section dedicated to witchcraft and the occult.

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72 km away from the Mexico city there a Tepoztlan town (in the Tepozteco National park). Its magic connection go right back to Aztec times when the valley was a site of worship. In 19th century 2 magician the Davenport Brothers created a device known as the Spirit Cabinet. They used it to apparently communicate with the dead. It soon became a piece of the magical theatre. Many illusionists used this device. The great American magician, Harry Kellar performed with this right across the Mexico.



There are many type of people in the world, for some contact with the spirit world isn’t matter of logical magic it’s a system of belief. We can be used as a force for good to remedy and to triumph over some of the most terrible things in life. Practitioners of the darker side of witchcraft or sorcery can manipulate our fear of the unknown by instilling everyday objects with sinister powers. Supernatural magic has also influenced a world.

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