Expect Unexpected 2. RoopKund Lake

This is the second article in the series of the except unexpected. It is a series of the article where we will publish articles about the hunted places in India. We are pretty sure that you will find many interesting facts.


This place is a symbol or more of an example to such a statement. RoopKund Lake, Uttrakhand which are situated along the Himalayan ranges of mountains in the district of Chamoli which are a chapter in the history of mystery. An assumption of a beautiful glacial ice water at 5000 m of height where you can sit back and enjoy a cup of warm drink would be out of imagination at this place.

RoopKund is a word collectively formed by two, Roop would mean beautiful and the Kund would mean a vessel to fill in fluids. It was back in 1942 when it was discovered by HK Madhwal who was then a Nanda Devi Game Reserve Ranger; he discovered that there were floating skeletons to which he reported. Initially it was believed that the remains were of late 19th century but later there were advancements in the technology and it was clear that the remains were from 12th -15th century.

Roopkund Lake

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The Indian European Scientist carried out a series of exploration projects and found out jewels, skulls, bones, and some of the body tissues. They carried out a survey with the DNA from the tissues and found that they were closely related to Kokanastha Brahmins of Maharashtra.

There are basically the remains of two groups of people one of which was shorter and other was taller. Some of the British Scholars also claim to have found the match with General Zorawar Singh of Kashmir who could have lost his way when they returned from the battel of Tibet in 1841. Many of the archeologists believe that this might be one of the ritual suicides. There have been recent reporting of skeletons being missing and been taken by the tourist there so Indian Government is working on making some rules to preserve such a historic place.

Credit : Nirav Ganatra

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