Expect Unexpected: 3. Dumas – The Beach

This is the second article in the series of the except unexpected. It is a series of the article where we will publish articles about the hunted places in India. We are pretty sure that you will find many interesting facts.

Life has its ways to teach us what is needed, all we need to keep is patience and faith

Beaches are the symbol of relaxation, vacation, happiness, feelings, etc. One such beautiful beach is on Arabian sea in the beautiful city, Surat, Gujarat. It’s a 13km long beach and named after a village which is itself called Dumas and in the suburbs. When we think about a walk along the beach with a snap we recall the cold breeze striking the face smoothly, waves sounding and tickling our senses and our fingers curled in the hands of the lover. Seems romantic right? , but this should not even be tried on the third most haunted place of the country.


Dumas is the 3rd most haunted place in India. There are various reporting about people going missing after visiting the beach in the night. The beach is divided into 4 parts out of which two are highly popular and you would find people much often during the day time. But the third part was previously a Hindu burial ground and due to that the sand of this beach is black in color. One of the popular story is of a who comes to a person and asks the person to buy the balloons he has if the person denies then that night is the last of that person.

Imagine in the utter darkness when a boy from nowhere approaches and your fate is decided on your denial, scary isn’t it? Some people who are curious to use cameras and know whether there are spirits must search for “The theory of Orb”. Orb is unexpected, circular artifacts which occur during flash. Spirit orbs looks like meteors.

Credit : Nirav Ganatra

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