Expect Unexpected 4. Missing Paliwals Brahmins of 84 villages

Imagine a yourself in a village with not even a single person breathing there, not even a shadow on human body falls how would you feel? Obviously first thought comes in your mind that these are just movie scenes and not reality. But wait there is such a place. In Rajasthan there is a village which is called Khuldhara which has been abandoned since 1800s according to the locals. During the period of time there was a community of Brahmins known as Paliwals they migrated to 84 villages in and around Jodhpur. They were strong in community and were very smart people they gained a name in those times as businessmen. Till this point every person says the same story but after these there are two versions.

In the first version of story people say there was a beautiful daughter of the chief of the community whom the king wanted to marry and the chief didn’t agree to it. The king due to his ego gave ultimatum to the chief. Chief being terrified due to the this decide to leave the village and with him all the Paliwals from the 84 village left and nobody ever found about them. They say that the Brahmins cursed the village.


The other was a bit weirder and terrifying which says that when the Brahmins came to the village they were greeted and welcomed by one brick and one gold coin from the residents. The brick was for making the house and coin for starting the business. Now the Paliwals due to their smartness prospered a lot. Seeing this Moghul ruler attacked these villages and looted everything. They even spoiled the well of drinking water by throwing the flesh and dead animals in it. After that the Brahmins left the village and cursed it.

The ruler who attacked these villages was never known in the pages of history and never was such a ruler found who have done this in the Moghul empire. People say even though this place was left by the Brahmins their souls are still wandering in that village as spirits. There have been reporting of hearing mysterious sounds of crying, shadows casting on walls and some people disappearing. Due to fear none of the locals tried to move around in the night. The only thing this village has left in the ruins is a temple which was renovated once else is just a piece of land where someday a whole village existed.

Credit : Nirav Ganatra

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