Expect Unexpected : 1. North Sentinel Island

This is the first article in the series of the except unexpected. It is a series of the article where we will publish articles about the hunted places in India. We are pretty sure that you will find many interesting facts.

“Limits are really important; they define what you should do and what you shouldn’t.”

World is now a village. Cellphones, internet, messenger, etc. we are living in a world which measures time in nanoseconds. But there is a place called North Sentinel Island which is one of the island of Andaman Nicobar Islands in the Bay of Bengal. Any person who can manage to reach this island would never return back to holy earth.

This island has a confusing timeline and to be brief this island was discovered by Marco Polo in 13th century and it was referred as an island of people who are savages and had heads and teeth like dogs. It was not until 1771 that East India Company mention about the fire lights on the shore. Till about a century in 1867 a ship named Ninevah was wrecked and 106 survivors who managed to land on the island were attacked by people on island. They somehow managed to get away and were rescued by Royal Navy steamer.

North Sentinel Island

Image credit : Forbs

Now again this island was left alone for a century. National geographic photographer with some men went there and never returned. There are many other encounters of such incidents with the Sentinelese but most of them failed or were killed and eaten up by them. The only person who was successfully able to contact Sentinelese was T N Pandit. He made number of trips to the island and was one who talked to them but the language those islanders used was unbreakable.

In the Tsunami of December 2004 there was strange thing observed about these people. The thing is before the Tsunami struck the sea these islanders moved to a higher land mass which was surprising because they didn’t have anything which could predict it.  Now Indian Government has decided not to disturb this tribe anymore and those have declared that land mass as prohibited area and is being guarded in the 3 mile radius of it. These things make this tribe as one the most isolated tribe and the only left untouched by modern world.

Credit : Nirav Ganatra

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