Firefox Hello: Instant Messaging Support in Firefox v41

Mozilla Firefox is a free and open source web browser developed for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux coordinated by Mozilla corporation and Mozilla Foundation released on 23th September of 2002. As of July 2012, Firefox has approximately 24% of worldwide usage share of web browsers, making it the third most widely used web browser.

The Firefox project has undergone several name changes. Originally titled Phoenix, it was renamed because of trademark problem with Phoenix Technologies. The replacement name, Firebird, provoked an intense response from the Firebird free database software project. After some pressure from the database server’s development community, on February 9, 2004, Firebird became Mozilla Firefox, often refereed to as simply Firefox.

After a gigantic release of Windows 10, Mozilla has been striving to win back their customers, introducing a Windows 10 version in August and telling people how to switch to Firefox as the the default browser. The company has also cooked up a version of Firefox for the iPhone and iPad in hopes of challenging Apple’s Safari and Chrome. But Mozilla faces an uphill battle trying to win users away from such top rivals.

And Today on 23th September of 2015 after 11 years of initial release of Mozilla Firefox version v0.1 it release a gigantic upgrade. Mozilla rolled out an update in v41 to desktop and Android versions of Firefox, introducing some useful features and fixes.

mozilla firefox wall

Desktop Version & Firefox Hello

Apart from the miner bug fixes they launch another feature Firefox Hello. Firefox Hello is an instant messenger for desktop. The Firefox Hello is not any type of extensions, but it is an inbuilt service. Actually Firefox Hello is already launched by them in v34. With Hello, Firefox users can chat with and call each other without the need of any other software. It also includes screen sharing feature that is aimed at letting users collaborate on a document or shop online together.


As of a review from a website the Firefox v41 also for desktop support for SVG images as favicons, improved box-shadow rendering performance, and enhanced IME support on Windows (Vista +) using Text Services Framework. Now user from the updated version also able to set up a profile picture for their Firefox account as well.

The feature for now only works on the desktop browse, but allows the users to instant message directly from a Hello video call whether they are on Windows, Mac or Linux. The users can chat with Chrome or Opera users because Hello is WebRTC powered, but it is not clear if instant messaging is also supported on those browsers.(This feature only available for the desktop version.) You can find all the list of new features at here.

firefox hello screen

Android Platform

Mozilla also update the Android version as well. For the Android version, the users can now able to use different search engine such as Google, Yahoo or Bing at once by clicking on the magnifying glass icon in the Search field and choosing the provider. And swiping user can able to close the tabs. New version also has improved bookmark detection so that the users can avoid duplicates. Firefox for Android has now fixed the support for playing MP3 files.

As for Android, the v41 of Mozilla Firefox brings minor features overlay to manually search and copy/ paste login credentials from login manager. Croatian locale has also been added. You may find all the updated features for Android at here.

Firefox v41 is available for download now and all existing users should be able to upgrade to it automatically.

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