G – 20 Summit 2015 took Attention of Paris Attack

The G -20 Antalya summit was the tenth annual meeting of the G-20 heads of the government. The meeting was held in the Antalya, Turkey on 15-16 of November 2015. The Group of Twenty also called as the G – 20 is the premier forum for its members’ international economic cooperation and decision-making. Its membership comprises 19 countries plus the European Union. Each G20 president invites several guest countries each year. The G – 20 2015 was hosted by the President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

G20 leaders meet annually, in addition, Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors meet regularly during the year to discuss ways to strengthen the global economy, reform international financial institutions, improve financial regulation and implement the key economic reforms that are needed in each member economy. Underpinning these meetings is a year-long program of meetings among senior officials and of working groups coordinating policy on specific issues.

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In 2015 approximately 13 thousand guests—of which 2,469 media members attended the meeting. The 2015 G 20 summit was primarily focused on economic matters, global economy and other financial talk. But 2015 G – 20 summit was also discussed about the November 2015 Paris attack issue. At least 129 people killed and hundreds of people wounded in the 13th November 2015 Paris terrorist attack. The ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) often known as the IS took responsibility of the attack!

IS controls large areas of Syria and Iraq, two countries that have been major contributors to the unprecedented number of refugees arriving in Europe this year. IS said it was behind the series of assaults that left 129 dead, and Mr Tusk said cooperation between the US and Russia in their action against IS in Syria was “crucial”.

President of Turkey Tayyip Erdogan said on he wanted world leaders to discuss conflicts in Syria and Iraq at a G20 summit in Turkey in the 2015 G – 20 meeting and is ready to take “stronger steps”. Russia has been carrying out air strikes it says target IS.

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On the event Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said

We need to establish a common platform to struggle with terrorism. We have been sensitive to terrorism as a country fighting against terrorism for 35 years. We know quite well what terrorism brings and what it takes away. The G 20 summit also focused on the border control.

The G 20, whose agenda now includes the attacks and their aftermath, will also focus on the migrant crisis in the Middle East and Europe, and could thus become one of the most important G20 summits since the April 2009 meeting that addressed the global financial crisis.

Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi said “Today, we meet in the tragic shadow of dreadful acts of terrorism. Combating it must be major priority for G20,” at the G20 Summit of leaders from the world’s top-20 economies.

According to superior journalist the world is facing the cold war 2. And it is at the stage where it is about to turn in the world war 3. To stop the world war 3 every country have to work together to finish the terrorism and for that they have to take quick and rapid action against it at any cost.

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