Get Windows 10 using Media Creation Tool

Microsoft released windows 10 on 29 July, 2015 in 190 countries. Billions of users around the world get their free upgrade who reserved it before. But some of users still didn’t get notification to download their free upgrade. There is another solution for that to get Windows 10 instantly. Yes, it’s true. Users can download windows 10 before they get notification of upgrading. Windows lovers who doesn’t have patience can download Windows 10 by following this steps.

Microsoft launch Media creation tool to download windows 10 instantly for crazy windows users. If your system satisfy with windows 10 requirements. check windows 10 requirement here. If your system fulfill this requirement and you didn’t reserve your update, don’t worry you can still get windows 10 for free. ok lets, get started.

By using this method your data didn’t  deleted. all are safe. Even your desktop folders and also download folder. All your data will as usual. Even your sticky notes also and browsing cache files too. So don’t worry about that. But i recommend you to take backup of your system for safety.

First of all download Windows Media Creation Tool on your system. To download this tool search about windows media creation tool for windows 10. Or you can directly get it from here. Once you downloaded you’re ready to go. Launch that tool as administrative by right clicking on and selecting Run as Administrative. Now it shows like below image.

win 10 media creation tool

Now keep calm your downloading is started. You can verify it by going into C:. There you found a hide folder named $Windows.~BT or $Windows.~WS. That means your downloading is stared. To check how many GB you have to download check the properties of that folder. This will take lot time to download. But if you have good speed internet connection then it will done quickly. Once it done this will ask for licence agreements. Obviously choose Accept it show like below image.




Now all process from here done automatically. all time you maybe just need to hit next button. and once you see message like this “Installing Windows 10 you PC will restart several time so just stay back and relax”. That increase your excitement. But still it take about 20-25 min. After that your installation start and it will copy some files, installing some features and drivers and after that configuring settings. Once it done you are ready to go…!


media creation tool final


I tried this for my own personal system and  Windows 10 works fine without any issue. And i am posting this from Microsoft Edge browser. Hope this will work for you. If windows lovers have any problem then mention it in comment box i’ll get back within 2 hours.

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