Google to Dominant Quantum Computing Race by end of 2017

Google is already on the top of the Quantum Computing Race; but they are not just going to stop there. They are taking the quantum computer to the next level. Quantum computing is the next step in the evolution of technology. The science behind the amazing feats of quantum physics is much complicated but their applications are so efficient and powerful.

Google already testing the most powerful quantum chip yet, a 20-qubit processor. But as I mention above they are not going to stop there. Company is aiming for a 49-quibt chip by the end of 2017, which means more than double in power. A 49-qubit quantum system can solve problems that are beyond the capacity of ordinary computers.

A Qubit also known as the Quantum Bit. Qubit is different from a normal binary. A qubit can be zero, one or a superposition at the same time whereas a normal bit can only be zero or one. Back in March 2017; Google, NASA, USRA teamed up to install D-Wave’s 2,000-Qubit Quantum Computer at NASA’s Ames Research Center.

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Company’s goal is to build a quantum computer that is capable of solving problems that are out of reach for conventional computers. A 20-qubit processor have 2-qubit fidelity of 99.5% (a measurement of errors made by the chip; high rating equates to fewer errors). But with the 49-qubit chip that Google is aiming for 2-qubit fidelity of at least 99.7%; which is known as “quantum supremacy“.

But, Google is not the only one leading in the race. Since 2016 IBM is running a 5-qubit computer, and by May 2017 they are offering beta access to their 16-qubit platform to the public. Though its way behind from dominant. You probably know that it is nearly impossible to utilize the power of quantum computing without error correction anytime soon. But it is expected to see a error free Quantum Computer after a decade.

If somehow Google manages to achieve their goal of quantum supremacy, this will be a major breakthrough for quantum physics.

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