Graham Bell’s Journey From Phone To Mobile

  • Alexander Graham Bell

    Alexander Graham Bell

    Aleaxander discovered telephone in 1876.

  • Loading coils are used and long distances conversation will be possible in 1900.
  • George Campbell and Michel Khupi started telephone line in New York and Boston.
  • John Ambrose Fleming discovered vacuum tube and conversations will be possible in long distance and intercontinental telephone business is possible now.
  • Graham bell establish telephone line between San Francisco and New York. This telephone line is world’s biggest telephone line. It contains 130000 polls and 2500 ton copper wire.
  • A type of Rounded dials telephone discovered in 1919. This doesn’t require operator and users can talk buy dialing numbers.
  • Different frequencies type band is founded. In this multiple lines on single phone has been possible in 1920.
  • Telephone users have increase. In America number system is start. And seven digit numbers phone will be developed in 1947.
  • In 1949 different color and design are phone are made.
  • Long distance calls has been possible with help of exchange operator in 1951.
  • Cable line has been placed in Atlantic Ocean. Phone communication has been started between America and Britain.
  •  A type of push button phone will be developed in 1963.
  •  Emergency call like 911 numbers had been started in 1968.
  • Bell lab’s Martin Kapoor developed first mobile phone in 1973.
  • Fiber optic was started used in phone connection in 1975.
  • In 1978 new cellular phone system started and 2000 costumer was tasted it. This system tower was spread in  short range.
  • After 1990 many mobile companies and telephone companies received significant growth in telecom sector.
  • Only in America in 1984 there was 25000 customers it increased for 100 million in 2000.

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