History And Evolution Of Art Of Painting


The Last Supper

The art of painting is a great treasure produced by mankind. Apart from being time-capsules of the contemporary times, it also has served at spreading knowledge and education in each age with positive consequences for the next generations.

It has put the way of learning at great easy for the people who couldn’t read or didn’t enjoy the literally ways of education much.

Also, in old times, when printing machines were the things of the future, one had to surmount on a number of obstacles to make a thing known to other people. At the time, they used to write down each copy manually. It was tedious and such hand-written copies were both cumbersome to produce and costly to own. Owing a book was prestigious back in time. Can you believe that? These limitations also forced the knowledge limited to the people only who were able to afford them.


Mona Lisa

At those times, visual ways had become a great way to save something important. Every painting, as said above is a time capsule and after undergoing from an expert eye, it could reveal the very basic nature and truths about the century, country, people and ethics the subject of the painting is based upon. Visually stunning, a single 3 x 3 painting could hold up much more data than a book with 500 pages. Famous paintings like Mona Lisa are able to give enough material to produce hundreds of books. With each eye and with each mind, a painting tells a different story. That’s true magic of the art of painting.

Though, we are not here to compare the art of painting and art of writing. It was just to define how one art of painting is much more attention-grabbing than the art of writing even for the people who are remote from any form of art. Visual art always wins at grabbing the attention first.

At the website, artpaintingartist.org, we have gathered such brilliant and precious art-pieces of painting from as far as 13th century. They all tell a story and they all form a clear image of each century about how art of painting has evolved and how people has enriched the art through their ideas. Today, we are obliged to do the same for ourselves and for our future generations.

Painting or any other art-form are highly integrated in our everyday lives, whether you could perceive it or not.

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