How Universe was Created?

Universe is created by an accident. -Georges Lemaître

Universe is created by Itself. -Stephen Hawkings

We all live in the simulated World and God is a great programmer. -Will Wright

God created the universe but not like all religions says, God is a great genius, God do not play dice, He created universe with perfection. -Albert Einstein

Universe has no beginning. -Farag Ali and Surya Das (Quantum Physicist)

Our gods was Aliens, They helped human for evolution. -Erch Von Daniken

God created the universe; God is the strongest being in the universe created universe in with his supernatural powers. -Religious Leaders

The Universe is Alive. -Duane Elgin


Energy is the God, Energy can think, Energy causes everything to live, Energy makes balance between fundamental properties. God is real, but not like all religions thinks, there is a creator but he do not know about us, And any religion or human did not imagined about him in History.

What is the origin of Universe?

In order to understand how the universe has changed from its initial simple state following the Big Bang (only cooling elementary particles like protons and electrons) into the magnificent universe we see as we look at the night sky, we must understand how stars, galaxies and planets are formed.

Stephen Hawking said in one lecture

According to the Boshongo people of central Africa, in the beginning, there was only darkness, water, and the great god Bumba. One day Bumba, in pain from a stomach ache, vomited up the sun. The sun dried up some of the water, leaving land. Still in pain, Bumba vomited up the moon, the stars, and then some animals. The leopard, the crocodile, the turtle, and finally, man.


There are many questions associated with the creation and evolution of the major constituents of the cosmos. Many scientists believe that the universe created by the Big Bang. But the question is the matter / entity that was before the big bang, who created that? How it created? When it created? So the god is nature and nothing can control nature or natural processes.

galaxies of the universe

There are 4 Fundamental Forces in this Universe, Basic forces that causes everything in this universe
1) Gravity which holds everything together
2) Electromagnetic Force is the force that exists between all particles with an electric charge
3) The Strong Force-It holds everything with Nucleus of atoms
4) The weak Nuclear Force is responsible for certain types of nuclear decay of particles.


There is a difference in strength between the forces. But there is a balance, very perfect balance in all forces, like all are set to work for each other, if any of them were to vary by the tiniest of strengths, the whole universe would collapse.

There is no answer from where all of these forces comes from, No one knows From Where Gravity and Electromagnetism and other two forces comes from, No Theory can perfectly prove what causes These Fundamental Energies.

Most scientists accept the “Big Bang” as the starting point of the universe. But without the four forces, there could be no universe. Therefore, the four forces had to exist before the universe when there was nothing, and the four forces are eternal, all forces are unchanging and all have perfect balance.

We could even say that the four forces are “just” and “fair”. Everyone is treated equally. You cannot get any fairer than that. Even the weak force, all laws between the forces work like they are programmed to work.

That is the proof there is something which set and holding balance, And This Balance proves existence of God. And as Stephen hawking said, there is No Time for God to create the Big bang, According to this theory, there is No Time for Big Bang to Begin, before there is no time before Big bang.

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