Human Body – A Wonderful Machine

Human body is a wonderful machine. It performs several functions without rest form the birth. The main organs of the human body are lungs, heart, kidney, liver and brain.

Each system carries out a major function. The brain gives us intelligence to use our physical and mental abilities. The skin covers the human body. Skin is a flexible covering which protects the body. The body’s strong internal framework called skeleton and skin, there are about 500 muscles. Never spread from the brain to all part of the body. They carry signals in the form of tinny electrical impulse, the sense organs namely eyes, nose, tongue and skin pass the message to brain automatically which controls breathing, heart beat, digestion etc. the body keeps on growing. The peak of physical growth is reached at about 18 to 25 years of age. When we grow old the skin becomes wrinkled and less elastic. The joint become inflexible muscles, loose and bones weak.

At the climax of life the body gives up and death occuses. Human body is a most valuable gift of god. A healthy body contains a healthy brain and healthy soul. As such it is very important to take care of our body. For this regular exercise, control over eating habits, cleanliness of body and discipline of life style are essential in daily life.

Ivory Soda

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