Inca Road: An ancient Highway

In the grassland of Quito Ecuador of South America are the remnants of the Great Incan Road. The sophisticated network pathways and trails covers over 25,000 miles through Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina and Chile.

The Inca built this vast roadway without the use of the wheel, draft animals, metal tools or even a written language. Yet modern engineers have noted that the roadway incorporates advanced engineering principles.

The Inca road system was really one of the most magnificent and architectural feats ever made. One of the things that made the Inca roads so incredible is that they traversed the Andes, these incredibly tall steep mountains. They had to bore tunnels through mountains. They cut narrow paths along sheer cliff faces. One of the most intriguing things about the Inca road system is that there is a major artery that goes from the northwest to the southeast. And along that, we find every major megalithic construction, including Tiahuanaco, Puma Punku, Cuzco, Machu Picchu, Ollantayyambo and Saksaywaman. Many are starting to believe that these megalithic structures are thousands of years older than the Inca, and therefore parts of the Inca road system are, as well. Thousands of years older than that civilization.


The Incas, so many of their great structures Cuzco and their royal highway you ask them, “Who biultr these? How did you built these?” and they’ll say, “We didn’t built this.” Well the question is that who built it?

The Incas had elaborate legends of coming through tunnel system in the earth, appearing on an island in Lake Titicaca, and then coming to Cuzco and finding already a system of tunnels and ancient mines and structures.  It was home of the gods. It is a place where they lived before they left.

Is it possible that the foundation of Inca superhighway and the megalithic sites along it are remnants of an extraterrestrial civilization that once colonized Earth? According to ancient astronaut theorists, the answer is profound yes. And to prove it they point to a series of stone carvings said depict mankind’s ancient ancestors.

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