Mitsubishi to Introduce Futuristic Camera Technology for Navigation

World-wide popular automotive manufacturer Mitsubishi to implement AI Tech and cameras to navigate in upcoming cars.

Mitsubishi is getting rid of the side mirrors and implementing an AI based automotive camera technology. Earlier this month Mitsubishi announced that they developed a technology that detects various object types at distances of up to about 100 meters. This will enable car drivers to receive advanced warning. Furthermore, new automotive camera technology boosts object detection accuracy from 14% to 81%.

The ultimate goal of this technology is to prevent or decrease the traffic accidents, specially happens when drivers change lanes frequently. However this new technology is at the very early stage of development. Company explains it wants the cameras to perform better in bad weather, at night, and on winding roads. Along with that company also introduced a new safety system that would project different symbols on the ground to warn drivers about obstacles.

Japan and Europe already shown green light to the mirrorless cars in 2016. So Mitsubishi had plenty of time to develop and experiment their AI based automotive camera technology. In press release they highlighted that this is the industry’s highest performing vehicle camera and expected to hit market in Japan by early next year.

Removing side mirrors from cars would surely make them more aerodynamic which means it go faster and have higher fuel consumption. Maybe in future depending on the success of mirrorless cars other automotive company might follow Mitsubishi’s lead and bring more futuristic cars (put cameras at the tail light :p) to the market.

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