Newspaper – our true friend

Many of us begin our day with a cup of tea in one hand, and a newspaper in the other. The world is developing very fast. Hence it becomes very essential for us to keep in touch with the latest news in every field of activity in this world.

Newspaper means North, East, West, South paper. It informs us that what is new in the world? They also inform people about political, social and cultural developments, sports, art etc. it is one of the most active and effective media.



The newspapers also carry a diverts events for buying or selling goods, employment, sales. List of TV programmers, railway and airlines time tables, cinema lists are also printed in the newspaper. Newspapers help to reveal the wrongs or injustice done in society.

Social evils like dowry, child marriages, child labour, and exploration of women are exposed by the newspaper. They expose criminals and frauds and the corrupt.

Such news creates false alarm. Thus newspapers have power both for good and for evil. Thus, by giving us information on every topic under sun, the newspapers are indeed our best friends.

Ivory Soda

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