It’s not demise of Windows 10 Mobile; it’s rise of Cellular Windows 10 device

From last 8-9 months Microsoft is struggling with mobile business. They made very strange decision by shutting down hardware (Lumia) production and continue to develop windows 10 Mobile OS. Fans thought Microsoft will re-brand Lumia and launch mysterious “Surface Phone” but so far that thing never going happen anytime soon.

Later on, Microsoft announced that the Windows 10 Creators Update will only be available for 13 eligible devices. And the list includes only 6 Lumia devices. This decision completely led company to the demise of the Windows 10 Mobile. But…?


Back at WinHEC 2016 event Microsoft announced partnership with Qualcomm and brings Windows 10 on ARM devices. This means they brought the entire Windows 10 experience on mobile chip. And in addition, company is planning to help customers to buy data directly from the Windows Store. And user can use it as Wi-Fi and cellular networks, consume data, and also can manage costs. Basically the Windows Store will host these data plans, so user can easily purchase it and manage usage of it. That’s called the Cellular PC.

In an interview with Windows Insider Program head Dona Sarkar said “Mobile future is not behind the 5-6 inch screen” and company CEO also have “Ultimate Mobile Device” vision.

And they actually did it! The latest product under Surface brands the Surface Pro have 4G LTE support. Later this year, an option for 4G LTE model will be available for the first time in the Surface Pro series. There are no physical differences between the LTE and non-LTE variants, and there are no antenna lines or thicker display bezels where modem components typically reside. With the eSIM technology user can take advantage of it. So, that’s the rise of the Cellular PC with Windows 10. Shutting down the Mobile business was a bold move from the Microsoft; now and then everyone will realize it.

Ivory Soda

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