Odd Even Formula for Delhi : Does it Make Sense?

Delhi the capital territory of and 2nd most popular city of India facing too many problems. Apart from all other problem the main problem is the air pollution and traffic. To overcome from the Air pollution and also from the Terrific Traffic Delhi Government planned an experiments. The experiment known as the Odd-Even Formula. However it is funny. But its tricky possible to decrease air pollution and traffic.

How this Formula Work?

This means that on odd number dates (for example January 1) cars and also two-wheelers with registration numbers ending in an odd number will be allowed on Delhi roads. The registration number ending with even number are not allow on Delhi road. Similarly on even number dates (for example January 2) private vehicles with registration numbers ending in even number will be allowed.

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Here is What They  Actually Planned:

1. Vehicles with odd numbers will be allowed on road on dates with odd numbers (1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, etc) and vehicles with even numbers on even-numbered dates (0, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, etc).

2. Number will be based on the last digit of the vehicle as displayed on the number plate. Zero will be considered an even number.

3. The rule will be applicable between 8 am and 8 pm every day.

4. Sundays exempted.

5. The trial run of the formula will be between 1 and 15 January.

6. After discussion with the school bus-owners, additional buses would be brought on roads.

7. Delhi Metro Rail Corporation will be asked to increase its frequency and extend its timing.

8. Awareness building exercise will be taken up at a bigger scale.

9. 1000 new buses in next three months.

10. A notice will be served in a week for closing down of Delhi’s oldest power plant at Badarpur and Rajghat, to curb pollution.

11. The government will come up with its complete blueprint by 25 December.

12. Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal will hold a review meeting with all the stakeholders and agencies related to transportation.

13. 200 check-points in the city will be created to check pollution level.

14. Trucks will be allowed inside Delhi from 10.30 pm.

15. Exemption in the case of emergency, disabled persons, patients, etc.

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What if someone break this rule?

Breaking the odd-even driving rule, which is being tested for a two-week period starting January 1, could cost violators Rs 2,000 or more.

Delhi’s former Transport Minister Ramakant Goswami remarked,

If the AAP-government succeeds in getting 1000 buses in three months, it’s a welcome step; but we need to wait and watch. But till then where those 50% people who won’t be able to drive or ride on a given day (due to odd-even formula) be adjusted? Do we’ve have enough buses, Metro trains, autos to ply them from 1 January? Before implementing this number formula, the government should have created an alternative public transport system to carry all those people who won’t be driving.

According to Center Pollution Air Control’s Air Quality Index we can divide it in 4 quality. In a report of November of Anand Nagar Delhi level of Air Quality index was 999 which is double than the severe index (400-500). Which is too bad! Isn’t it? Delhi government also stated that the living in Delhi is like is like living in Gas Chamber! Due to this statement many people who living in Delhi are thinking about to leave Delhi and live somewhere else in country. The condition is too bad even doctors of Delhi are advising them to leave Delhi.

While in other hand make travel hassle free Delhi government also ask DMRC to increase the frequency of Metro services and also thinking about to add 100 more buss in next three months. However if this idea work in Delhi government will think about to use this on large scale. And also have to think about to use this experiment in other states which are facing traffic problems.

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