Our Aim


Our aim is to share or exchange our ideas, thoughts, information, Knowledge and opinions. We are here to give you information and knowledge about everything that we can. Here all contents are genuine and authentic.

We are a group of professional writers. Here, we are write about ancient world, art, historical events, science and technology, well known company, news/event, biography of famous persons, mysterious places and philosophy. But after the refurbishment of the Fancy Frindle we decided to focus on the Exciting Technology and Mind boggling science. Occasionally we also write editorials and our own point of views about upcoming technology and more. We are not intended to offend the religious or moral sentiments or any community, religion, region, sex, race or linguistic group or vilify. We are not supporting any political party, any region or any tech firm.

About Us

We are tech nerds and space lover people who love to write about them. Some of us are engineers as profession but we all have passion of writing.