Patidar Agitation : Few question to them who destroyed Gujarat

There is an agitation going in Gujart by politically powerful Patidar community to reserve their quota. On 25th August they arranged a rally known as Kranti Rally in Ahmedabad. Over half an million people gathered at GMDC Ground in Ahmedabad. However rally was completed very peacefully. When Hardik Patel the leader of PASS (Patidar Anamat Andolan Samiti) was arrested as he did not have permission to stay on the ground after the rally. Later he was released. The people present on the ground were dispersed using force by police. The inquiry was ordered for the reason behind use of force by police. And this agitation turned in violence. And there for 2 days whole Gujarat was closed. Due to this violence only government experience about INR 1000 million properties damaged.

Apart from this here are some points needed to be taken in serious consideration:


1) Why this Reservation Fight wasn’t started earlier when Congress was Government?

2) Why Prime Minister of India Mr. Narendra Modi and BJP are being targeted suddenly by Hardik Patel and other Patidars?
3) Why Hardik Patel talked less about Reservation and why he talked more about finshing or destroying Mr. Narendra Modi and BJP?
4) What is relation between Hardik Patel and AAP?
5) Patidars who supported BJP and Modi in Gujarat since so many years and in return Modi and BJP have developed Gujarat in such a way that was praised by not only Indian government but also from all over the world. Then is it fair the way impression spoiled in a single night? This is our Gujarat, our home, what is sense in setting fire and break our properties?

property damage in patidar agitation
6) Why hardik patel is supporting Nitish Kumar and Kejriwal? Is he planning to make an Individual party like them in future?
7) Is Reservation law made by Modi? No, it’s not..!! It is since more than 50 years, which is being run by congress to gather vote bank. Why congress wasn’t ever opposed for same thing?
8) While Modi is busy to make India’s great future, making best relationships with the countries all over the world, what’s sense in drawing his attention in such issues?
9) In Hardik Patel’s speech, he said , “Haq chheen kar lenge..!!” (Title will be stripped) May I know what do you really mean for these words??
10) And 49% is already reserved, then how’s possible to give reservation to Patidars who has population of 1.80 crores?? Even Hardik Patel must know this, practically it is not possible to get reservation. Then why he is fooling Patidars? Isn’t it a never ending fight??


Well, I am not against Patidars or their fight. But, result which was seen all over Gujarat, is really shameful for not only Gujaratis but for all Indians. Friends, fight in right direction, fight in a right way..!! I’m sure if Patidar fight in right direction they surely get reservation.

Don’t fight for reservation, instead fight to remove reservation. Politicians are using reservation as a Vote Bank. Don’t let them use you. Even new people are trying to enter politics by using Reservation system. Fight for same rights to all Indians. Don’t fight for reservation. Wake up Indians. Don’t be SC, ST, OBC, but be Indians first.
India is still a development country since 67 years because of such issues made by politicians. Don’t let it continued. If you really want to fight it, fight for India, fight for better India.

It is great to see Unity of Patidars of 1.80 crores, just think if same energy could have used to remove Reservation, unity of 100 crores people could have made it bigger. Agree?

Wake up my friends..!!

If you agree, please spread this message..!!

Be Indian..!!

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