Phantom Island: Hy-Brasil

Hy-Brasil also known as O’Breasail, Hi-Brasil, O’Brazil, Hy Breasail, Hy Breasal is a mythical island. It is specially known as for its vanishing ability and its mythical story. This island was appearing in many Irish myths.

Founding of Hy-Brasil

In the North Atlantic Ocean, 200 miles west of the Ireland lie open waters expanding as far as the eye can see. But according to 14th Century Mediterranean mapmakers, this exact spot marks the location of the island known Hy-Brasil. For More than 600 years, sailors across the world have searched for this so-called phantom island belied to contain an Eden-like paradise. Lore has it that the island couldn’t be seen except once every seven years, when it could be seen but not reached. According to legend this island appeared and disappeared behind the mists. It could never definitively be found. Although, it’s putative location is marked on some of early maps.

Hy-Brasil was first mapped by the Italian-Majorcan cartographer named Angelino de Dalorto in about 1325. He described the island as being “a strikingly round from.” He labeled it as Insula de monotonis siue de brazile. Over a century later in 1497, another Italian explorer John Cabot also reported that he was reaching at Hy-Brasil. And in 1674, Captain John Nisbet of Ireland reportedly brought back silver and gold from the island. And he claimed to have received from an old, mysterious man. Streangly, he and his men also said that Hy-Brasil was inhabited by what they called “giant vblack rabbits.” Other explorers of the time returned from the island with similarly bizarre stories and accounts of beautiful glowing people.


According to some reports the mysterious island was last seen in 1872 by the author T. J. Westropp and his crew, who saw the island, appear… and then vanish. The island was suddenly disappear behind the waves. And until today there is no official report of reaching at island. Nobody know how it disappears? Where it go? How could an island disappear suddenly?

Irish Myth & Name of Mythical Island

In Celtic history folklore, this island takes its name from Breasal. Breasal was the High King of the World. It was believed that this is a place of no lack of happiness. It located somewhere to the west. According to the Celtic tradition it is said that “Country O’Breasal lay roughly where the sun touched the horizon or immediately on its other side.” But there is another story on how the name of the island. Some scholars believe that the navigator Pedro Álvares Cabral who reached at the island at around 1500, thus the naming of country of Brazil. But Cabral didn’t choose this name.

The most distinctive geographical feature of Hy-Brasil, is that it appears on maps as a perfect circle, with a semi-circular channel through the center. The central image on the Brazilian flag, a circle with a channel across the center, was the symbol for Hy-Brasil on early maps…! In ancient Greek mythology we have the stories of the Asteria. In this story the stars are falling from the sky that would fall into the water but they wouldn’t sink. They could, in fact, travel from place to another place. So what if in this particular case, we have a similar story.

Hy-Brasil is imagined in Irish lore to be the place that the Irish gods came from. It is believe to be that on the island of Hy-Brasil, the gods had a luxurious life. They live like they are in heaven. They were able to develop an advanced and modern civilization. It could be a source of civilization. Especially in Ireland and England and other areas such as that.

island map

Otherworldly Beings

Hy-Brasil is often described as the home of the otherworldly beings. Maybe the Hy-Brasil not only exists, but it is actually a high tech alien base because at this location we find many stories that the people are coming and going from the stars. We also find other supernatural events and many other events taking place at this island or near at this island. Maybe the aliens are in fact use this island as advanced extraterrestrial races as portals, as gateways, even as stopover places, maybe even refueling stations in a way, as places that known throughout the cosmos. It is possible that they are using it right now as refueling stations.

Could extraterrestrials really be using advanced clocking technologies to hide to this island? Some ancient astronaut theorists believe there may be an even more incredible explanation behind the disappearance. This like these island some located, then when they went to go look for it, is gone. It is very possible that there aren’t islands, but they are some technological device coming up to the surface. Or landing for a while and going away.

Current Scenario

It’s thought that Hy-Brasil still exists under the sea, and that periodically, when the conditions are right, it’ll surface.  If Hy-Brasil is an actual land, very possibly it could be that at one time on planet Earth there was a superior technology; a civilization that had progress that far surpassed even our own today. It is possible that the location such as Hy-Brasil is the homeland of out-world creatures. But some meteorologists suggest that the Hy-Brasil never existed. They found that during certain climatic conditions, mirages can appear in northern territories and it may occur the layers of cold and hot air refract, or bend, light rays. And this light recoil the surface of cloud, ice and water and it create an optical illusion.

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