Internet 2.0: Quantum Internet

The science behind the amazing feats of quantum physics is much complicated. Until recent decade it didn’t exist outside of the laboratory. But things are changing. Researcher have begun implementing Quantum Teleportation; one of the fundamental application of quantum mechanics.

Quantum networking is one of the most phenomenal application of the Quantum Computing and Quantum Cryptography which uses principle of quantum teleportation. The Quantum network allow to transport quantum information between 2 different physical quantum system.

Basically the Quantum cryptography represents one of the powerful secure communication relying on the quantum mechanics in order to secure data. One of the biggest advantage of Quantum networking is security. With the quantum key distribution algorithm an unbreakable secure communication can be established.


The rudimentary idea behind the Quantum Internet is based on Quantum Teleportation. Quantum teleportation is the most fundamental operation that can be done on the quantum internet. In simple words Quantum teleportation means quantum states with information disappears on one side and then reappear at the other side. The most interesting thing in that is that the information does not travel on a physical carrier, it’s not encoded in a pulse of light. And it does not travel between sender and receiver, so it cannot be intercepted. Just the information disappears on one side and reappears on the other side.


Quantum networks build on entanglement and quantum measurement to achieve tasks that are beyond the reach of classical systems. Using quantum effects, we can detect the presence of eavesdroppers, raise the sensitivity of scientific instruments such as telescopes, or teleport quantum data from one location to another.

A network build on these principle called Quantum Internet. Lets be honest here, the internet we use in daily life how much secure is it? On the scale of 1 to 10 with the compare to Quantum Internet it will be on 1. However the Quantum Internet would not be faster, but much more secure.

But consider this “hypothetical” use of quantum internet. In future, it might be possible to use regular internet for default and get things done but when one need to transfer the sensitive information we switch to quantum. So we get better speed from the default internet and secure communication from the quantum internet.

The quantum data transmission is so secure because the data is altered as soon as it’s seen by an unauthorized party. This means that all the personal data we put out there on a regular basis could become much more difficult for people to steal when the quantum Internet becomes a reality.

The quantum internet allows you to do some extra stuff, some things that we cannot do with the classical internet that we have. But on the other hand, it is much harder to implement and much more costly in terms of use.


With classical network which we use nowadays, we send data package, and there is an address contained in that, and the router will read off that information and send it on to the next node. But with Quantum Internet it’s different. In Quantum Internet we send these quantum signals by teleportation so they don’t have to go through the (optical) fiber.


There is no such Quantum Internet as of yet. It’s just hypothetical idea, no offence scientists are working on it. Maybe in next decade (maybe next to next?) we might get the first glimpse of the Quantum teleportation on large scale. And as of now no one can image what uses Quantum Internet could have.

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