Recently Happened Earthquake in India and Nepal 25-26 April 2015

Recently Happened Earthquake in India and Nepal

 26 April 2015


On 26th April, People in India and Nepal again experience an Earthquake . The magnitude is 6.9 which is noticed by Richter Scale. The center of an earthquake is Kodari  which is 80 km far from Kathmandu, Nepal. Metro Service in whole India is stopped. First shock is experienced at 12:39 pm (IST). And today people in Kathmandu, Nepal feel 7-8 aftershock of low magnitude.

According to a public report about 7500 people died only in Nepal. Many building are fall down due to this Earthquake. 68 Cultural Heritage Sites Damaged in Nepal Earthquake.

Many people was trapped in rubble of buildings which are collapsed. Many rescue operation are in place.  101 year old man rescued after 1 week of earthquake. Route of Mount Everest is completely closed because of avalanches.

25 April 2015

On 25 April 2015, An earthquake Feel in whole India. Richter scale noticed 7.9 magnitudes.  Earthquake was experienced at 11:44 am (IST). Earthquake specially experience in Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh. In Uttar Pradesh people continues for 1 minute felled this earthquake. The center of earthquake was 80 kilometer away from Nepal near in Kathmandu. In Ahmedabad Richter scale note magnitude about 6.3. not only in Up and MP but also people from all India experience this earthquake. People are scared. They come out from their houses. People who works in offices also come out from their building. They are on the road. In Kathmandu many buildings are collapsed. Recently people again experience an another earthquake of small magnitude. According to news report no casualties. In Bihar and Jharkhand people also fell this earthquake. Citizens who lives on top floor fell this earthquake better or it in high scale. In north India earthquake is experienced on high magnitude.




Due to this Metro Service in all India is closed for temporally. After little inspection they will serviceable. There are some bad news also at some place in Kathmandu some buildings are collapsed as shown in above image. In Delhi a wall of a School collapse and 3 students are injured. Some flights’s route was changed.



As you can see in above image Dharahara Tower which is know as Bhimsen Tower is located in at the center of Sundhara, Kathmandu, Nepal. It is 19th century nine-storey tall tower is collapsed due to high scale earthquake and about 400+ people are trapped in that.


After hearing this big news prime minister of India Mr. Narendra Modi tweeted “We are in the process of finding more information and are working to reach out to those affected, both at home and in Nepal.” and also Prime Minister called a urgent meeting at 3 pm (IST). And in addition he also talked about this to Chief Minister of Delhi Mr. Arvind Kejriwal. 



In above image you can see the pin mark which is shows the center point of Earthquake which is in Nepal.

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