Refurbishing Fancy Frindle; A New Journey Begins


For those who don’t know the history of Fancy Frindle, I started a small website on February 27, 2011 as I Write Article to learn internet and WordPress. And learned a lots of things about it. And about a year ago on August 31, 2015 I changed name of the site and make it Fancy Frindle.

Since then I was writing about the ancient world, art, historical events, science and technology. I also wrote history of some well known company and biography of famous person. Recently with the help of a friend I wrote few posts about mysterious places and philosophy too. Eventually, site blown up in its own way – which is where it stands now.

But over the last few months developing ‘Frindle’ WordPress theme (In addition today we are pushing a major update to the theme) with Phoenix Web Solutions, managing study, doing some professional work and not to mention juggling with real world job has become somewhat difficult. Luckily, a month ago while I was sitting on river bank, an idea suddenly pop up in my mind. And doing some deep thinking on it a new era of Fancy Frindle started to construct in my mind.

If you are wondering we are changing the name. Then answer is no. Are we shutting down this site? No. We are just refurbishing Fancy Frindle.

But why?

Over the past two years, I and some of my friends and my cousin working hard to cover various categories.

I, along with my cousin Jaimin Patel (core part to build and manage this website, who also inspired me to write here), have realized long ago that we need something new, exciting, different which put Fancy Frindle to new threshold. Luckily that river bank idea popup and we are good to go.

After careful consideration, we selected to cover only few categories which are Science and Technology which will include posts about some exciting information and news from the various tech company and also about science stuff. We would like to focus on the space technology. However, we will also cover other major science discoveries too. (Don’t worry I will continue that Quantum Mechanics series)

Our aim was to share or exchange ideas, thoughts, information, knowledge and opinions. Basically we are not going to change it. We will keep following it, but with new strategy and new content. But  from now on we will not post any historical posts or about politics. However we are not going to delete old content, we will keep them as it is.

Sure, some of you will not like this change while others will be happy to see it. For those of you who dislike change, the discomfort will be momentary and you will love it. I promise. Just give it a chance.

What will new be new???

With the refurbishment of Fancy Frindle we will have new passionate editors who are enthusiastic to write to on site. Since our only one category include so many content and it’s almost impossible to reach at every single thing. So, there you come.

Yes, if you want us to write on something specific topic then just go ahead to the contact us page and send us details about it. We will do some research on it and definitely write on it as soon as possible. And also we will put your name in credit!

Science and Technology news and facts will remain a focus for us, but we will expand coverage soon. But not now.

And one more thing! We decided to change logo of site, at last minute. Here it is. Ta-Da!


Our readers

To all our readers – from those who have followed Fancy Frindle from its commencement over the years, to individuals seeking our content for the first time – we hope our soon-to-come refreshed aesthetic feels better.

You may have already noticed some improvements in menu and content. And some of you who are following me on social media also getting hint of this refurbishment.

So anyway, there you have it. I hope you will like it and here’s to the future!

Dedicated to beloved grandparents!


Ivory Soda

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