Researcher developed First-ever High-dimensional Quantum Cloning Device

21st century’s discoveries putting technology to the new threshold. But there is always dark side of it. Computing technologies and system become more susceptible to illegal cyber assail and hacking. There are lots of efforts already going on to stop such attacks.

Meanwhile a team of programmers come with a revolutionary rules that can protect the quantum computing networks from hackers. They developed the first-ever high-dimensional quantum cloning device that help administrators to protect the quantum computing network from such threats.

Canadian researchers developed this new technology. Basically they created a high-dimensional quantum twining appliance. This appliance can interrupt a secure message, which eventually help scientists to uncover the clues to shelter next-gen computing technologies from hacking assaults.

In Quantum Computing each bit of information cleaves multiple conditions zero and one. And this multipart monarchy of quantum computing has become more vulnerable to cyber hackings. With the rise of the new technology the threats are also become more intensifying to tackle. But with this high-dimensional quantum cloning machine they can defend their computing programs from external threats and attacks.


Image Source:
via QuAIL lab

According to researcher,

Our panel has developed the first-ever high-dimensional quantum cloning contraption which is capable of conducting quantum hacking to cut off a protected quantum message. Once aftermaths of the development will be decoded completely, the significant clues that can defend quantum computing networks from the possible hacking threats will be discovered.

Traditional computing system enables to duplicate the transmitted Quantum information resulted in a distorted or worsened version of the original data. But, with this new technology researcher successfully decoded the quantum data transmission. By using a cloning device, they have succeeded in replicating the photons that broadcast information, called ‘qudits’.

This new technology surely put the the next-generation quantum communication systems to new level. It will also be helpful in exploring the manner how quantum information moves across quantum computer networks and protect quantum computing networks from cyber crooks.

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