Samsung Apple lawsuit: Samsung will pay $548 million

For the longest time two of lead smartphone’s companies Samsung and Apple have been embroiled in patent battles all around the globe.

Back in 2011 Apple sued Samsung for allegedly copying patented Apple technology, such as pinch-to-zoom features, scrolling styles and the overall appearance of the phone and its interface. Apple asked for $2.525 billion in damages. In this most of Apple’s I-phone and Samsung’s Galaxy series mobile was included.


After a long time the solution of this controversy come out. On 3rd December 2015, the US District Court Northern District of California said in a joint statement in September, after a partial decision in favor of Apple, Samsung has agreed to repay $548 million. Samsung said it would appeal the decision to change or cancellation in the event that Samsung will demand the money. Now Samsung have to $ 548 million (almost Rs. 3616.8 crore) to Apple before 14th December 2015.

A Samsung representative said in a statement that the company is disappointed in the court’s decision to proceed with “Apple’s grossly exaggerated damages claims regardless of whether the patents are valid.”

They also added that

While we’ve agreed to pay Apple, we remain confident that our products do not infringe on Apple’s design patents, and we will continue to take all appropriate measures within the legal system to protect our products and our intellectual property

But the payment might not be the end of the battle, as Samsung says it reserves the right to be reimbursed in the future if a decision by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office invalidating one of the Apple patents in the case is upheld.

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