San Bernardino shootings: US would let Apple keep software to help FBI hack iPhone

On Friday the Obama administration told a U.S. magistrate judge it would be willing to allow Apple Inc. to retain possession of and later destroy specialized software it has been ordered to design to help the FBI hack into an encrypted iPhone used by the gunman in December’s mass shootings in California.

Apple’s chief executive clear that it was open to less intrusive options in a new legal filing intended to blunt public criticism by, Tim Cook.

The Justice Department told Judge Sheri Pym “No one outside Apple would have access to the software required by the order unless Apple itself chose to share it.”

In their filing Friday, prosecutors explained that investigators would be willing to work remotely to test pass codes, while Apple retained both possession of the phone and the technology itself.

“Apple may maintain custody of the software, destroy it after its purpose under the order has been served, refuse to disseminate it outside of Apple and make clear to the world that it does not apply to other devices or users without lawful court orders”.


during a question-and-answer session in Parleys Island, South Carolina, where he’s campaigning ahead of Saturday’s first-in-the-South Republican presidential primary.

Trump says Cook wants to prove “how liberal he is” and told the crowd to “boycott Apple until such time as they give up that security.

The department also says Apple designs its products to allow technology — “rather than the law” — to control access to critical data.

Prosecutors also make clear that Apple would be allowed to retain possession of the phone and specialized would bypass a security time delay and self-destruct feature that erases all data after 10 consecutive, unsuccessful attempts to guess the unlocking pass code.This would allow the FBI to use technology to rapidly and repeatedly test numbers in what’s known as a brute force attack.

They’re telling Apple, ‘You hold the software, we’re not asking you to put a backdoor in the encryption, we just want to be able to brute force this thing,’ Haley said.

“If the precedent is this, that they deliver the phone to Apple and Apple does it, I think that’s a pretty good precedent that can’t be done en masses on the next thousand iPhone.”Two other personal phones were found crushed beyond investigative value in the trash behind the couple’s home.

The House Energy and Commerce Committee on Friday invited Cook and FBI Director James Coney to appear before it to discuss encryption technologies and issues of privacy and national security, asking both to tell Americans how they plan to move forward a hearing in the federal case has been set for March 22 in Riverside, California.


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