Searching Aliens: Taking the fourth dimension into perspective

Pick a star from anyone in the hundreds of billions of stars in our Milky Way galaxy. Suppose on one of its planets their lives and intelligent species who believes that their world is the center of the universe. A universe made from them. When we waken on this tiny world beneath the blankets of stars will happen no to explain where we come from? Who we are? We had inhabited tiny universe oblivious to the rest to the cosmos. It was only four centuries ago, we began to use science to reveal nature’s secrets and her laws.

What is science?

It is an epic journey of discovery. It’s a continuity of mines. Its standing on the shoulders of giants who came before us.

Looking out across a valley over a hill up to the sky asking that what wander is there.  It allowed us to look across space and time. Take a look to the scale of universe and our place in it, our earth place in it.

We now know that our galaxy alone holds hundreds of billions of stars and that the visible universe contains at least hundred billion galaxies. In the last six years we have discovered nearly 2000 planets beyond our solar system. It is now estimated that there are tens of billions of habitable planets in our galaxy alone other in on which madden energy become alive in or aware.

Are we alone?

If we are then that tells us something about the preciousness of life on Earth. And if we are not alone in one discover possibly be more important. It’s time for major international effort to unlock great unanswered mysteries of life in universe. We have only just begun to open our eyes.


Maybe somewhere something incredible is waiting to be known. maybe they are like us. Ignorant or just beginning to stretch their eyes into their nearby universes. Maybe they are so far away that even if they have superior technologies, the vastness of the universe itself isn’t allowing them to communicate with us. Because, that’s totally possible. The universe is so vast that the light sprang in the beginning of the universe, some 14 billion years ago at the Big Bang, hasn’t yet reached the other end of the universe, because there hasn’t been enough time and more importantly, the universe is spreading faster than the light could travel. The universal speed limit of the Einstein’s theory doesn’t apply on the universe itself, but only to the things inside the universe.

Einstein + Aliens + Evolution + Time Travel + Universe = Us?

One great imagination, and highest possibility according to me, is that, we are surely not alone and there isn’t just one alien race, but there are many, even hundreds of them. But, they are spread across the entire universe very, very, very scarcely. Even scarcer than the analogy of all the seven continents having only one ant on each in the name of life.

So they aren’t able to communicate, or even know each other’s existence even indirectly. But, they exist. And what is more exciting is to imagine that all of them are on different evolution phase. One is living its prehistoric phase, while other is maybe thousands of years ahead than us in everything. It’s like all, past, present and future happening altogether, at the same time, only spread across the universe and that’s why we don’t know of them. We can also say that all those alien lives are just we in different time period as time is the fourth dimension of the universe (according to Einstein), we can totally agree to the fact that there are thousands of alien worlds in the universe, while at the same time, all of them are us just representing different times of our evolutions. That’s the time, at its extreme form in the universe. Just like black hole is the extreme form of gravity.

In essence, there are aliens, but at the same time, they all are us. And all of us are trying to find us. Is that a Time Travel?

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