Spiderweb forming 10 billion light years away produced less than –200°C temperature

The largest galaxies in the universe are big red whoppers. When a number of galaxy gets together they called “SPIDERWEB”. This galaxy is likely more than 10 billion light years away from our milky way galaxy.

Until now, astronomers thought these giant galaxies were formed by lots of little galaxies coming together. And when these galaxy getting closer the temperature around them become so hot and sweaty, and there’d be general disturbance. But now a new study shows the completely different result. These giant galaxies was that they are collapsed together & reducing hot gases is now breaking the ice.

A very large Array telescope named ‘Compact Array’ in the USA has found -200°C temperature around the Spiderweb galaxy. Which completely break the previous theory. However it’s difficult to find the gases in those ‘CLOUDS’ since they are far away, astronauts have found traces of CO (carbon monoxide) which is comparatively easier to to be detected.

Spiderweb galaxy

An artist’s impression of the Spiderweb galaxy sitting in a cloud of cold gas

After a sensitive observations of carbon monoxide, they found that the Spiderweb galaxy is forming from a large reservoir of molecular gas. Most of this molecular gas lies between the protocluster galaxies and has low velocity dispersion, indicating that it is part of an enriched intergalactic medium. This may constitute the reservoir of gas that fuels the widespread star formation seen in earlier ultraviolet observations of the Spiderweb galaxy. Researched noted.

This research is denying the approximations. Some astronauts are saying this might be the result of the earlier phases of galaxy formation. Scientists say that it might weigh 40 times the entire galaxy we live in (the milky way!).

It was assumed that those galaxies might have hot gases due to the collisions. So, was it cold before the hot?

Maybe all today’s giant galaxies had a cold start, not a hot one.

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