Superstitions-Even Today

A superstition is called a belief not based on any reason or logic. It cannot be verified by any evidence or proof. These beliefs go against the law of nature. They prevail widely and illiteracy. When we stand in fear or awe of something mysterious or supernatural, we are said to have a superstition.


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Superstitions are found all over the world. In golden days, natural phenomena like thunderstorm, lightning and eclipses where taken as designs of some good or evil spirits. Natural calamities like earthquakes, floods, famines etc. were considered to be the results of displeasure of some Gods or Goddesses. There were hundreds of such blind beliefs about animals and birds in those days. People in those days believed that by acting in a certain way you may be blessed or cursed. For example, when a cat crosses one’s path it is considered to be inauspicious. If a cow meets you while going for a good work, the work succeeds; the soul who has left the world dissatisfied will become a ghost and haunt people and so on. There are a number of beliefs about colours and numbers, too. People consider number 13 as an unlucky number. They associate ill-luck with the howling of dogs, the spilling of salt, overflowing of boiling milk, the breaking of mirror. Scores of such other things are considered as bad omens.

Superstitions are carried from generation to generation and it habit of following blindly and because of lack of education, people are basically afraid of supernatural powers. So, when they see other following, they too submit to it.

1234In this 21st century also, superstitions exist even in civilized or educated societies. Superstition is a great hindrance to progress. Superstitions people are usually illiterate, ignorant, credulous and gullible. They fall in easy prey to various conmen pretending to be fakirs, bhuvas, etc. Superstitions people move a mob to frenzy which may lead to killing and arson. Whether it is famous actor or Prime Minister, they consult astrologers while taking important decisions. Individually or in a group, man has always lived by certain beliefs. Man has to follow them because they are connected either with culture or with religion.

In order to get rid of such superstitions, it is necessary to educate people. It is necessary to teach them the scientific truths. I order to survive in this progressive world a strategy should be found to live successfully. People should be taught to live with the rapid growth of science and technology. Science has opened our eyes and banished the old bogies of superstitions demons, ghosts, gins and countless gods and goddesses. If we test a superstition from a scientific point of view, it will vanish, for it has no real base. So the best and the most effective way to eradicate them are to make the people aware of them through rational thinking.

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