The development of science – A blessing or a curse?

The development of science has made our lives easier and happier. But at the same time it has affected our lives adversely. Science has gifted us with some wonderful industrial machines. Today, industries use the latest technology for production. Computer are used in every filed. They operate faster and are more accurate than a human being. But then many workers have become unemployed. Electrical appliances like the mixer, the washing machine, the vacuum cleaner, etc. have made the work of a housewife easier and faster. Satellites and the TV have brought the whole world into our living rooms. But people



become addicted to TV and the youth learn wrong values. Science has been a great blessing in the field of medicine. Many diseases can now be controlled, prevented and even eradicated. This has increased the life span of man. But on the other hand, inventions such as atom bombs, nuclear bombs and other destructive weapons have increased the chances of total destruction of humanity. Vehicles have, no doubt, made transport easy, but have also led to noise and air pollution. Insecticides and fertilizers benefit the crops, but destroy the soil fertility. If science is used constructively, it is a blessing. But if misused, it could be a curse.

Ivory Soda

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