The Theory of Dual Existence

We live in a world where the scientific achievement is the standard we have accepted as the barometer of world’s furtherance. We believe that only the scientific discoveries is the way we can get ahead individually and socially.

But, there always has been two ways of progress: Scientific and Spiritual. Now, you know the scientific progress and have some idea of spiritual progress. Our modern world has just started scratch the surface of this spiritual way of progress through meditation, which is the cornerstone of the spiritual achievements.

Truth is both of these ways intertwined. When we pick one of them the other is followed automatically. Using one method always gets the other method implied in the background. They are inseparable. Because, that’s the fundamental way the objects and the whole universe is created. Every object has two existence simultaneously: the physical and the metaphysical. They are intertwined into each other as a single entity. That means, you can control, manipulate or destroy the object in either way we choose and the other way would be implied automatically.


Man with conceptual spiritual body art


We have chosen the way of physical control. We believe in what we perceive through our senses. Everything else is a lie to us. We don’t believe in the unseen.

But, once in a while we come around some events which beyond physical explanations. Some events which defies our understandings of the world. Many people just close their eyes and ears towards such unexplainable phenomena because they are afraid of accepting new realities and destroying their old, conventional and comfortable ones.


But, whatever exists, exists. It doesn’t matter if you can see it or not. Probably, it needs the whole other way to perceive such things. The whole other way to even know about their existence. In this persuade, our modern advanced world is far behind and ignorant. Maybe we would start to explore the metaphysical existence when we would finally find the link joining the physical and metaphysical world. At that time, the whole new possibilities and discoveries would be wide open and people would rush for the other way around.

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