The Time Travel : An Incredible Experience We Wish To Have

Can we control Time? It is a greatest science question. Legends of otherworldly beings traveling through time. It is possible that the aliens are, in fact, time travelers. The energy of the light beams will produce a gravitational field strong enough to drag a spinning neutron through time. By using the spin of neutrons, we can send a binary code, which could be translated into message. But here is a limitation of this spin code. This technology ultimately is not able to send large objects through time, such as human being or a spacecraft. Maybe in future it will possible. If someone can travel faster than the speed of light, then theoretically, someone could travel in time.


Albert Einstein and Newton’s Theory

In the old theory of Newton space is rigid container and time was an absolute flow. But in Einstein’s theory this was revolutionized. Space became a flexible medium, and time now could be altered. On September 26, 1905 in Bern, Switzerland Albert Einstein publishes his special theory of relativity. According to his astonishing scientific breakthrough, space and time are one. And it could happen when someone travels very, very close to speed of light. And also there is a way within the laws of physics to travel long distances and still be alive, and that actually is related to special relativity. And if someone could travel very, very close to the speed of light, time will slow down. And it make sense, if someone could travel very near the speed of light, then in only one day or two day pass, instead of the whole four years.  According to some legend, astronauts and scholars maybe Einstein has accidentally helped the Nazis to build a time machine during the World Wars.


Albert Einstein & Nazi

In Poland there is a mountain range in south-west which is known as The Owl Mountain. At this place there were approx seven underground complexes built for a top secret Nazi program called Die Glock. Some World War researcher believe it was in these covert facilities, between 1943 and 1945 that Third Reich scientists carried out clandestine experiments in an effort to win World War II.  During this period they was developed lots of exotic things. And also they were in charge of the V1 and V2 rocket program. But the culmination of all their experiment was with Die Glock. They created a device look like The Bell and this appeared to be was some sort of device that had very, very powerful, rapidly rotating energetic magnetic fields. And there are thoughts that this basically was a time machine. The idea was creating behind this time machine is to move front and back in time, change history, change certain events, and create a new time line and new reality.


nazi bell


Die Glock & the Nazi Bell (example of time travel during the world war)

The existence of the mysterious bell-shaped shaped device, measuring nine feet wide and 12 feet tall, was first exposed by the high-ranking Nazi general Jakob Sporrenberg while being interrogated by Polish authorities after the war. But when the Allies eventually captured the German research center, neither the Nazi Bell nor its project commander, Hans Kammler, could be found. Has Kammler just disappears after the war. In fact, there are four official versions of his death. So nobody really knows how he died, when he died, if he died, where he went, or what happened. Is it possible that the Has Kammler German was traveled threw that the time machine and he never came back? Maybe it is possible that the German military was experimenting with the time machine. And if so might the Nazi Bell have actually traveled to the future?

On December 9, 1965 thousands of people saw a fireball flash in the sky. According to witnesses this fireball was crashed into the Kecksburg, Pennsylvania. And suddenly military suddenly arrived on the spot and grab everything up and said nothing happened. According to a witness the description of that fireball was unlike most of the flying saucers, this one was bulbous. It has been described like an acorn, is kind of something that resembled the Nazi Bell. Is possible that the object crashed in Kecksburg is the Nazi Bell which disappeared 20 years earlier? If it is true then we can say that German scientist discovered a way to transport humans from one place to another. And maybe it is possible that they used Einstein theory to make their time machine.





We live in a three-dimensional world, and sometimes scientists consider that time as a fourth dimension. But some theories in physics (string theory), predict that there are many, many more dimensions may be 10 or 11. Only, these dimensions are not accessible to us. We do not see them. Maybe these dimensions are subatomic, tiny, and smaller than particles inside of an atom. And if someone could somehow travel along these other dimension, it would take somewhere else entirely. Maybe it is possible that the other dimensions are exists which we are not predicted.


The Teleportation

According to some scientists time traveling is similar with the teleportation. Einstein’s theory of relativity allowed for something called the Einstein-Rosen Bridge, which is what we today call a wormhole. It opened up the possibility that we can travel from point A on Earth to Point B somewhere else in the universe as if there were nothing in between. With teleportation someone could go from place to place on Earth in a matter of milliseconds. This would revolutionize all kinds of travel, at the same time, our connections between us and any other civilization. And it also includes civilizations on other planets, as well.


LHC & Aztec calender


The LHC experiment

The Large Hadron Collider is world’s largest and most powerful particle accelerator. The LHC consists of a 27-kilometre ring of superconducting magnets with a number of accelerating structures to boost the energy of the particles along the way. This machine used in science to study how particles smaller than an atom behave. The LHC is based on a principle of accelerating photons, which are one of the key elements of the nucleus of an atom, and this machine accelerate them very very high speeds basically in a circular motion and collide two beams that are moving in opposite directions. On December 13, 2011, scientists working with this machine announced their findings of possible evidence for the existence of Higgs Boson, or some people refer to as the God particle.

Some scientists believe the discovery of the God particle may lead to the creation of the Higgs singlet. A particle believed to possess the ability to jump into another dimension, move forward or backward in time, and appear in the future or past. In other words, it would make time travel possible.

If we place a picture side by side of the Hadron Collider and the Aztec calendar, there’s an eerie similarity between them. The Aztec calendar was known to be a gateway to the universe. And the Hadron Collider is similar to that, because we are trying to unlock the secrets of the universe with this machine.


So far, the farthest humans have traveled is the moon, at about 250,000 miles away. Our next step will be Mars some day, but even that is a huge, huge stretch for humans. Six-month trip to Mars, and just being able to survive there without oxygen and the things we usually have around us is a huge challenge. The distances are too vast, and our technology is just nowhere near at level of being able to do that. We got to the moon, and that’s as far as we got. That’s not to say that another civilization couldn’t have done that. It’s just on Earth; we just don’t have technology to do that. Scientific theories may reveal the secrets of universe not yet but maybe in future. Nothing is impossible for human in future. Even this Time Traveling and Teleportation completely crazy for some people but it will happen in future. Whatever humans are able to think, to calculate, even to fantasize will one day become reality. May be it is possible that the alien being and UFOs which we think out of this world are maybe evidence of man’s future technological achievements and they are our own people in future.

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