The value of time in life

‘Time and tide are wait for no man’.

‘Time lost is lost forever’.

Time is something that passes by without waiting for anyone, however rich or famous, he or she mat be.




Some people do not care for the value of time in life. They idle away their time. They do not do anything in time and often break appointments. Such people will learn, much to their grief, that playing with time can be dangerous. When a work is delayed, the time which could have been profitably used, is wasted. This time is lost for ever.

Sometimes, a very heavy price has to be paid for delaying things. The person who delays insuring his house will regret his folly when the house is gutted by a sudden fire. Delay in the treatment of a disease may lead to its worsening and may even result in death. The student who goes on postponing studies will be under great mental strain at the time of examination.

There are a number of proverbs conveying similar meaning. Thus we say: “Make hay while the sun shines”; “Strike while the iron is hot”; and “Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today”


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All these proverbs throw light on the importance of time in life. The proverb ‘Procrastination is the thief of time’ warns us against the dangers of delay in actions, and stresses the importance of timely action and punctuality.

In our short life, we have plenty of things to do and very limited time to do them. We shall be saved from regret, stress and humiliation and will be able to make all-round progress if we realize how valuable time is.

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