The world of Quantum devices

Let’s imagine that the world of Quantum computing technology has become true and we are using it already in our daily lives. How would it affect an average person?

Almost every part of your life will be affected. It would speed devices up insanely. But how much? You will have today’s supercomputers power in your smartphone.

That’s how much powerful it will become.

Thousands of scientists who lack that much power will have it handy. That way the whole world’s super computing power will increase millions of times. That will help the scientist do difficult calculations and simulations. Research and science will happen at an unprecedented rate. The world will look totally different in just a decade I.e. Only a smartphone revolutionized many things. Machines with gigantic power will just take us to a whole new level.

To take advantage of the hardware, people will produce similarly powerful software. With Photoshop we are able to create many great things. On a Quantum computer, you can imagine a Photoshop that is helping you to create a photo with a hundred billion pixels. I am just randomly guessing, but it is not unreal.

Particle Collision in LHC (Large Hadron Collider)

These only the direct benefits. The indirect benefits we will receive when Quantum computing empowers all the fields of the world, weight finally empty the whole world from any more wonders as the unbelievably powerful simulators will predict most of the things that could technically exist in the universe.

For instance, let’s assume that the scientists have created a universal simulator, making every known object into it (this will take an insane amount of computational power). Now they found a new planet and added it to the simulator with all the properties. The computer will be able to tell its position five thousand years after and also if it will clash with another celestial object in the future. It is just the calculations.

Or, a new element is discovered. Now, as scientists have fed the computers with all the other elements with their properties, they only need to feed the new element into the system to know which element will reach in what manner with the new element.

Possibilities are seemingly endless. Just like internet brought the world into a whole new light, Quantum computing will bring the whole universe in a new light.

And, this will happen in our lifetime.

Many big companies, including Google, are trying to make a Quantum computer. In the next decade, you might Tennessee a Quantum device for consumers.

Exciting times ahead!

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