Turkey Bomb Blast: At Least 95 Killed

On the Morning of 10 October, 2015, two explosions have killed at least 95 people in Ankara  (capital of Turkey) ahead of a peace rally scheduled to be held on Saturday by several civil society organizations, according to the Turkish interior Ministry.

A terrorist attack on a peace rally at least 95 people have been killed and hundreds of people injured in the bomb blast in this bomb blast. Approx 126 people were injured in this attack. Two bombs exploded in very short intervals.

On of the powerful bomb blast hit near the main train station in Ankara on Saturday morning, killing 95 people, authorities said, making it the deadliest attack in the Turkish capital in recent memory. The blast was so powerful; it shook high-rise buildings and offices. The death toll is expected to climb. The interior Ministry said.

The blasts were at the two sides of the exit of the main train station in the city, where the People’s Democratic Party (HDP) supporters were gathering.

turkey bomb blast

Blasts occurred ahead of a planned “peace” march organized by labor unions and a number of NGOs. The reason behind of this march is to protest against the conflict between the state and militants of the outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) in southeast Turkey.

Due to this powerful blast leader of the group have cancelled the meeting, calling on participants from other cities to return. They also called on people to donate blood for numbers of injured people at Ankara hospitals to help the injured people.

The city police quickly emptied the scene to avoid more casualties in any possible third attack. According to some reports the target of the bomb blast is to a peace rally organised by leftist and pro-Kurdish opposition groups.

The explosion came three weeks ahead of a parliamentary election. Obviously this attack comes with Turkey on edge ahead of November 1 polls and a wave of unrest over the past few months. Maybe the effect of the bomb blast appear in the next election. The attack apparently targeted a peace rally to denounce the increased violence between Kurdish rebels and Turkish security forces.

One of the bomb blast occurred during protesters were performing the halay (popular dance form of Middle East).

No group has yet claimed responsibility for the blast, which occurred ahead of the planned peace march to the long-running conflict between the state and Kurdish militants in south-east Turkey.

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