We might not be made of matter that Originate in the Milky Way

What we know so far is that; there was nothing and suddenly something happened to nothing. And accidentally the nothing magically exploded (without energy, matter, particle, time, atom anything) for no reason. And this explosion created everything, The Big bang Theory.

But the new research suggests that untold amount of matter in Milky Way galaxy might not actually originated inside it at all. Research led by astrophysicists at Northwestern University reveal that massive explosions from dying star in other galaxies might be responsible for sending material through space which was eventually drawn in Milky Way galaxy.

Scientist discovered the evidence of the Intergalactic transfer by creating simulation of dying star using supercomputer. Collected data revealed that remarkable amount of matter thrown out during a supernova could be carried between galaxies, allowing new stars and planets to form in one galaxy by using ejected matter from another.

So, there might be a possibility that the our solar system or Earth might not be originate from the matter which is not originated in the Milky Way. Furthermore, the research also reveal that intergalactic matter could travel for billions of years before it actually drawn into any galaxy. 14 billion years ago, Big Bang explosion created everything including Gases, Air, Matter, Particle, Liquid, Temperature, Physics laws, Energy, Time and all. So a very small amount of any of these might be included in the formation of the galaxy – stars – planet. Even human being?

This study will help in study of “how things around us are connected to distant objects in the sky.” This study might change the understanding of galaxy formation and prediction of intergalactic transfer.

Source: arxiv

Via: Phys.org

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