What will be next step for WhatsApp? Stories, Cross platform backup, Revoke messages?

In 180+ countries, over 1 billion user people choose WhatsApp as their primary messaging application. WhatsApp Messenger started as an alternative to SMS. It’s not only because its free but its simple, secure, reliable messaging and calling, application available on phones all over the world that’s why people choose it.

But over the past few months a craze of stories is going so crazy on social media and users are insane about it. Yeah, we are not promoting any of them here. But take a look, as far as we all know it all started with Snapchat, on and on other application like Instagram, hike messenger and now even Facebook is also implementing similar features in Messenger. Well, we are not amongst them.

Meanwhile we also heard that WhatsApp will soon implement similar features. In fact some photos already leaked. It would be really great if we see something new in it. But there has to be something exciting which blow other services and put WhatApp to new level.

Fun Fact : WhatsApp is registered on iOS and Android as “WhatsApp Messenger” and on Windows only “WhatsApp”.

Another thing about WhatsApp is that cross platform backup. It’s 21st century. In this technological era we often change our smartphone, sometime we even change platform too (Android to iOS, Windows to Android). There is no way to get those messages on other mobile if you change platform. It’s kind of disadvantage of it. But there is no feature in any application in the world that took backup from one platform and use it on another. So, it would be great if we see something like it soon.

WhatsApp is end-to-end encryption. That means no third party can read any of your messages. If you delete it from your phone and from receiver’s phone then it means its gone, gone forever. You can not bring it back. It’s awesome feature and some case its necessary. But sometime we need to revoke the messages we sent. However, some other IM already have this feature but it would be great if we see something like it in. Recently a report come up which suggests that they are actually implementing this feature, and some of iOS beta users already received it.

If these features are really implement in WhatsApp then surely the application will reach on new threshold. Which application you use as your primary IM? Which features you are looking for in it?

Ivory Soda

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