Why Gujaratis are so good at Business?

Actually it’s hard to find out why Gujarati are so good at the business? But let’s try to figure it out. Dhandha which means Business is a term often used in common trade parlance in India. But there is no such community exists that fully embodies what the term stands for than the Gujarati people. When it comes to wealth in India, Gujarati’s have been ruling the perch since times primeval.

Since the ancient time Gujarat was the costal state where trade was carried on which continued in the medieval period and was the main center during British period also. Maybe that’s why Gujarati people have more business acumen then others. But that’s not at all.


Gujarati people are so kind and have high business sense. Since childhood they surrounded by many entrepreneurs, all of them have their own enterprises started in their teenage. In every street in Gujarat you find at least 10 – 15 businessman or entrepreneur. That’s really a big thing! Normally people start learning Commerce in their later teenage, where Gujarati’s establish their own businesses at the same age. So maybe that’s why they all are good.

They Gujarati people are not think like “I am the boss. I am not gonna work in my company.” But in fact when it require they sit with their worker to complete the task. For them all the workers are equal. Every worker in our organization enjoys the same dignity as the owner. For any Gujarati family dignity is calculated by work not by worth. They believe in Respect your men, they’ll make you respectable for the world. They have never give up attitude.

Mukesh Ambani the richest person in India is Gujarati.  Apart from this if you take a look at the billionaire list of India then you find 4 of them in top 5 are Gujarati. Yes, it is! Dilip Shanghavi, Azim Premji, Pallonji Mistry are all belongs to Gujarat.

billionaire of gujarat

They don’t start fighting for right and wrong everywhere. They are very practical about it, so they can adjust very well in abroad and mix with everyone. They don’t want to change the world, go into politics all the time. When time comes they can be very selfish, and that’s what makes them survivors in times of political changes.

They are actually brought up in a business oriented society. It’s in culture of Gujarat, that good business (MBA style) ideas, business sense and morals keep circulating (like WhatsApp messages), from family, school, college and hangout friends and everyone around to new generations. That’s why Gujarati people are in general good at business.

Because their predecessors were forced to migrate from drought hit areas of Gujarat for earning their living, where they worked very hard & developed a habit of saving for a rainy day, hence the struggle & stamina to take risks is in their blood.

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