Windows 10 in Mobile Release Date

Microsoft successfully launched its new operating system windows 10 for PC and tablets on 29th of July 2015 in 190 country. And made a big history because it is first time that Microsoft is giving free operating system. Billions of users around the world updated their operating system with windows 10. Check this if you want to upgrade your system with Windows 10 with Media Creation Tool. Now people are waiting for Windows 10 in mobile phone. Microsoft already planned that they will launch windows 10 after summer, but they didn’t tell when? However Technical Preview of windows 10 already released on February 12, 2015. Technical Preview is available for almost all Lumia devices. But now windows users are waiting for the official update of Windows 10.

According a report windows 10 will launch at end of September or at starting of the October(maybe on 25/26 September). On 30th of April Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore (The Corporate Vice President, Operating Systems Group at Microsoft Team) explained the company’s plans for the launch of Windows 10 in a press conference. “Our phone builds have not been as far along as our PC builds,” explained Belfiore. “We’re adapting the phone experiences later than we’re adding the PC experiences.” And Microsoft also said that not all windows 10 features will be available at launch. And they didn’t clear about that which feature will not available on windows 10.

After publishing video “Windows 10 for Phone” some of users are really excited to do personal, private, crazy, whatever things windows 10. Even me too excited..! Check this video on windows 10 it shows some of the latest windows 10 features which they are working on for phones and tablets. They will continue to develop and refine this features right up to launch.



Microsoft already revealed that the first smartphones it’ll update to Windows 10. These are the first Lumia phones on the update list Lumia 430, Lumia 435, Lumia 532, Lumia 540, Lumia 640, Lumia 640XL, Lumia 735, Lumia 830, and Lumia 930 will “receive a free upgrade when available.” There isn’t any announcement of other Lumia devices. But other devices will get update of windows 10 soon…!

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